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Malmstrom AFB 1967 et Minot AFB 1968

PhD Smith
oncle dom
James Carlson
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Hello Tim,

Well, that's really interesting! "Logic" then to follow this work, as the comments section of your blog.

Only a side note: The "overcast" argument (in fact - or implicitly - the meteo conditions make that Sirius or Rigel "cant" be visible that night) made by T. Tulien in his Stellarium' reconstitutions and legends seems questionnable, no?*

O'Connor stated few days after the event that the conditions to be as partly cloudy, with nimbus clouds, as some stars visible (?) Isley for his part, stated (again few days after the event) about a clear night with few stars (?)
As you wrote: "Per both men's AF-117s, the night was either clear or partly cloudy with a few stars in view".

If I well understand, the "overcast" argument came from Smith? I think, even if not my native language, "overcast" doesn't mean totaly cloudy, as the appreciation and use of the term "overcast" could mean different things concerning the real cloud conditions an individual is describing and when he uses such a term/lexical entry like "overcast".

Well, I wait you to release the part about both Smith AF-117 and Tulien's interview of him.

My very best regards,


* I mean that T. Tulien could mention O'Connor & Isley too in the legends of his stellarium reconstitutions, and not only Smith's one.



Sirius a UFO?


Malmstrom AFB 1967 et Minot AFB 1968 - Page 8 12990510


Tim Hebert


Yes, Smith's AF-117 states "completely overcast" as compared to Bond, Adams and Jablonski writing that the night was clear.  The "official" weather condition has listed as "hazy" with a temperature inversion in effect.

Tulien has been giving me the impression that Smith, some 20 plus miles away from N-07, should have been my initial focus.  But I disagree, even though he states that he saw something almost an hour before the maintenance and November security teams, his observations are open to interpretation.  Plus Smith provides Tulien an opening for the possibility that another UFO was actually near O-6 where the security camper team was located.

BTW, my conclusions are not written in stone as I merely state that Project Blue Book's conclusions for a stellar component are "plausible" based on the observations of the ground observers.

Best regards,

Tim Hebert




Deux nouveaux billets sur le blog de Tim Hebert (en Anglais donc).

Le premier revient rapidement sur le dernier SUNlite de Tim PRinty (que j'ai rencontré samedi dernier à Paris, excellents moments et dîner) au sein duquel était abordé le fameux cas de Big Sur avec des données venant du regretté Joel Carpenter, récemment décédé :
The 1964 Big Sur UFO Incident: Tim Printy Provides a Solution.

Le plus récent et plus long est consacré à un cas "UFO & Nuke" de 1984 que promeut, comme à son habitude, R. Hastings :
A Repeat Performance of Big Sur: 20 Years Later?



Suite à un échange sur une liste sceptique, je partage quelques "infos" à propos d'OVNI & Nucléaire données par D. Clarke. J'essaierais de traduire quand j'aurais le temps, désolé Sad
C'était dans un billet de 2010 de son blog, que nous avons certainement mentionné ici. C'est intéressant à plus d'un point, mais aussi à propos de la question de possibles variables latentes/manifestes (càd artefacts statistiques quand une corrélation est "pointée" entre UFO & NUKE). X. Passot en avait touché un mot ( des variables latentes manifestes pouvant jouer comme artefacts dans ce lien UFO & Nuke) lors d'une conférence enregistrée, ou moi-même sur mon blog dans le billet consacré à l'étude statistique de Johnson.
So is there really any credible evidence to support Hastings’s claims about alien interest in our nuclear weapons?

If the security and intelligence agencies really were concerned about UFO sightings in the vicinity of nuclear facilities, as Hastings claims, one would expect there to be some official, corroborating documentary evidence, either from the paper trail the events produced or through leaks from senior, credible sources within the military/intelligence community.

In pursuit of such evidence I found that one British intelligence agency has indeed examined the assertion “that UFOs are ‘spying’ on strategic installations such as power stations, airfields and nuclear facilities”.

But they concluded “there is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate this claim.”

This document, once classified “Secret – UK Eyes Only” was released under the UK Freedom of Information Act in 2006, yet there was no mention of this at the UFO-Nukes press conference.

The nuclear issue was just one of a number of questions scrutinised by the anonymous author of the Defence Intelligence Staff study. The author was a senior intelligence officer with expertise in air defence and radar systems who was contracted to work for the Ministry of Defence’s during the late 1990s.

During the project, he studied a sample of 850 UFO reports collected by the MoD during a 4-year period towards the end of the Cold War. These were entered into a computer database and scrutinised for patterns. He specifically looked for evidence of reports concentrated around strategic military assets in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, he found most UFO reports clustered around areas of population density (like central London) and in the air corridors and Air Traffic Control Zones linking airports. His analysis is worth quoting in detail:

“UAP events reported from RAF stations were examined…for a four year period for a repeated UAP presence. Only six widely-dispersed RAF stations reported one event each. These locations were found to operate in a variety of roles, rather than together representing a group with specific strategic (for example, nuclear) importance, which some have suggested attract higher than expected UAP activity…It is probably the case, because of the radar and visual look out maintained as part of the normal role of the station, that in most cases if any UAP is present near a RAF station it is quite likely to be seen and reported.

“From the information examined: contrary to certain media suggestions that there is some sinister UAP agenda or that there are repeated UAP visits to locations of national importance, no evidence has been found that RAF strategic sites are some sort of target at which UAP appear more often than over certain other areas (eg over highly populated areas or along air corridors). [On the contrary] there is no evidence that regular or irregular repeat visits occur at any RAF site, strategic in nature or otherwise.”
The study concludes:

“There is, therefore, no firm evidence which points to the repeated presence of UAP at, for example, US or RAF strategic or tactical bases (airfields), Army assets or RAF or Naval HQ or special asserts (in particular, at nuclear assets such as Faslane, Aldermaston, Capenhurst, etc)…
"The fact that [UFOs] are seen at all, at some service locations, is undoubtedly because they are manned 24 hours a day with staff who are likely to be observant by virtue of their normal tasks....”
(Source: UAPs in the UK Air Defence Region, DI55 Report, vol 1, pg 13).



Nouveau billet sur le blog de Tim Hebert (en Anglais donc).
Minot's Visual Observations: A Question of Possibilities



Les AFB US: ils s'en passe des choses....

Voici un extrait de email de bob emmenegger incluant un fatras d'infos incluant d'autres AFB et des Aliens: ( atorisation de publication):

My background in brief; I was a film major at UCLA and very involved in student body productions where I worked with talent like Carol Brunet in our popular shows. My UCLA days were interrupted when I was in the Air Force reserve and I was on active duty for one year at Norton Air Force base in California. The same Norton AF base I would later return to and be involved in the UFO phenomenon. After graudation from UCLA and Prior to being involved in UFOs I was VP Creative Director of Grey Ad. Inc. Creating TV campaigns for HONDA, BANK OF AMERICA, TACO BELL, GALLO (more} I had also been involved in producing image films for BELL TELEPHONE, US STEEL, even SESAME STREET - After Grey Ad Inc. I worked with Allan Sandler who had a TV film production company. We were asked to work on and develop a film for DoD use to help military personnel identify if they had drug or alcohol problems. We used Rod Serling and Tom Smothers as hosts. We were also involved in the promotion of the Shuttle program. One day Allan and I went to a meeting at Norton Air Base to discuss a TV project for DoD to enhance their public image. a subject which I had previously done for Bank of America. We met at the Pentagon and given permission to meet with the Navy underwater program, DARPA, The dog training programs, Laser research and Fusion programs. In the midst of the research, one day we were taken to a 'clean room' back at Norton, used by CIA for training films and told the amazing story of a landing of an 'alien' craft at Holloman Air Base in early '70. I was in disbelief and prior to this experience I gave no credence to UFOs. We were advised to bury the UFO story under the other research projects. I was quickly educated on the UFO phenomenon and we worked with Jacque Valle, Allan Hynek, Col. Coleman, Al Chop, Col. Quitinella, Colonel Bob Friend, Col. George Weinbrenner (commander of Foreign Tech ) CIA agents who all worked on 'UFOs Past Present Future' and all with the full cooperation and blessings of the Dept. of Defense. Rod Serling was host. (a book by the same title on Ballantine Press sold about 1 million copies.) The TV special was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. At the conclusion I became Co-owner of Pico Bronson film studios with Allan. Producing 10 Sci Phi features for TV and TV specials on "Search for Life after death"; Hypnosis and beyond" (using leaders in field) coincidentally just before the the start of the UFO project I was contacted to consult on the Nixon re-election team 'CRP'. During that UFO period I was in contact with Bob Halderman and Nixon aid Bruce Herschenshon at the White House during the UFO project. Haldeman mentioned he had heard something about 'the landing'. Later in the 80's I worked again with Defense Audio Visual Norton Air Base and RAND corp.on Anti Terrorist project DOD. while waiting for Reagon appointees Bob Scott and Ret. General Miller who were very interested in trying to release more UFO material at Norton. I admit I was Not at first a believer in UFOs until working with Blue Book officers when I saw evidence that UFOs and telepathic experiments with aliens did take place in the Naval intelligence office. I was also indirectly involved with the Bentwater case by supplying the forensic hypnotist to regress airman Burroughs. Which he was very disturbed by his recall of the incident. For more details I suggest seeing or reading UFOs Past Present and Future (also later version UFOs' It has Begun) I would be happy to offer more details or answer questions at emenegger@cox.net



Autre extrait avec AFB:

John Tomlinson; I am interested in Skinwalker ranch in Utah. I did a UFO special UFOs Past Present Future in mid ' 75 with full cooperation of Dept. of Defense (nominated for a Golden Globe award) at that time I became close to Col. George Weinbrenner head of FTD at W.Pat. we talked about UFOs on camera. Many years later on his death bed he told his nurse to tell me that there were 5 alien beings in UTAH. I sent two researchers to verify this. I didn't have an opportunity to follow up but Grant Cameron met with the nurse's husband. I was curious what the UFO community knew about Utah re: UFOs. It was unusual that the past commander of Foreign Tech would make that statement Bob Emenegger.



Qq extraits encore:

John; I spent a 1/2 hour on the phone with ret. Col. Coleman discussing Roswell.I also remember years ago he phoned when Mogul was finally declassified. We talked about the triangle shaped sensors and how they had balsa wood and aluminum struts covered in that "memory" material (when crumpled would return to original shape reported by Roswell residents). Each sensor was designed to capture a different frequency. (remind Stanton how he ran up a huge phone bill calling Coleman in the old days.) ask Col.John Alexander also.



John:in the last month Allan I have been in contact with DoD discussing a program on "Disclosure" from the point of view as to what is the protocol when and if an alien craft is spotted by NORAD. Are they prepared to make landing arrangements? then how and where to quarantine the occupants (as our astronauts are) and what language or form of communications are in preparation?. In the past years have gone through this exercise and it seems so far communications was and is the most difficult to solve. What is new in "US Ufology" these days? PS I'm not against proving Coleman wrong.



A lire dans le dernier SUNlite, l'article de M. Kottmeyer :
A Catalogue of nuclear motifs in the UFO mythos:



Mysteries at the National Parks, une série télé qui dit toute la véritude.

Premier épisode, le Montana : Robert Salas y était, interview. Mais le Parc National des Glaciers n'était-il pas une base secrète remplie de nazis et de soucoupes volantes (interview de Joseph Farrell) alors qu'Hitler vivait au MacDonald Lodge ???



Malmstrom AFB 1967 et Minot AFB 1968 - Page 8 148990500


oncle dom

oncle dom

nablator a écrit:Mysteries at the National Parks, une série télé qui dit toute la véritude.
 Malmstrom AFB 1967 et Minot AFB 1968 - Page 8 148990500

Premier épisode, le Montana : Robert Salas y était, interview. Mais le Parc National des Glaciers n'était-il pas une base secrète remplie de nazis et de soucoupes volantes (interview de Joseph Farrell) alors qu'Hitler vivait au MacDonald Lodge ???
Malmstrom AFB 1967 et Minot AFB 1968 - Page 8 1120754583
Waoooow! Ca, c'est du lourd. Mais ce qui est encore plus lourd, c'est que Hitler s'était démultiplié, et vivait simultanément, en Argentine, amené par Hanna Reitsch, au MacDonald Lodge, amené par Otto Skorzeny, et même sur la lune, amené par Von Braun!
Prosternez vous, bonnes gens. Ca, c'est de la véritude!  prostern


PhD Smith

PhD Smith

A 1 h 35 mn, Velasco qui était invité par BTLV sur le rapport du pentagone (https://youtu.be/VcctBiyWvOE) a enquêté sur Minot en y ajoutant la mhd russe.

Malmstrom AFB 1967 et Minot AFB 1968 - Page 8 BraseroPraedicator veredicus, inquisitor intrepidus, doctor egregiusMalmstrom AFB 1967 et Minot AFB 1968 - Page 8 Brasero

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